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:bulletblue: In Neverland:~

:iconwdisneyrp-peterpan: ~ Wendy really likes you. She dreams about you night and day. She will always remember you. Even if she grows up and has children of her own. She will always love you Peter Pan. Because, you know that place between sleep and awake? That place you can still remember dreaming? That's where she'll always love you. That's where she'll be waiting.. :heart:

:iconwdisneyrp-tinkerbell:~ Wendy was astonished when first meeting you, she couldn't believe her eyes. After you tried to kill her, she was a bit hurt and confused at first. THen she understood. She still tries to be nice to you. Even after those past memories.

:iconwdisneyrp-terence: :iconwdisneyrp-rosetta: :iconwdisneyrp-vidia: ::iconwdisneyrp-fawn: :iconwdisneyrp-rani:

:bulletblue: Outside Neverland~

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:iconwdisneyrp-alice: Alice is one of Wendy's closest friends. They mostly think alike about Fantasy and talk about their adventures in Wonderland and Neverland

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:iconwdisneyrp-honeylemon: Although not believing in fairies nor anything make believe and just meeting, Wendy and Honey Lemon are good friends.

:iconwdisneyrp-duffy: Wendy enjoys Duffy's company and she is always kind and motherly to him. He reminds the young lady of her youngest brother Michael

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:iconwdisneyrp-elsa: ~ Queen Elsa and Wendy seem to get along. Wendy is loyal to the queen knowing her ice powers. But she isn't afraid of Elsa. They both like to play the game Chess.

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:iconwdisneyrp-bert: ~ A native of London, the local Chimmney sweep helped Wendy get back to Bloomsbury after getting frightfully lost at night. He's the kindest man Wendy ever met. She hopes that she sees him around again Soon.

Other Wonderful Friends

:iconwdisneyrp-sofia: :iconwdisneyrp-anna: :iconwdisneyrp-timon: :iconwdisneyrp-janeporter: :iconwdisneyrp-clarabelle: :iconwdisneyrp-belle: :iconwdisneyrp-ariel: :iconwdisneyrp-jack: :iconwdisneyrp-kuzco: :iconwdisneyrp-charlotte: :iconwdisneyrp-gogo: :iconwdisneyrp-vanellope: :iconwdisneyrp-jose: :iconwdisneyrp-piglet:

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:iconwdisneyrp-tiger-lily: Wendy and Tiger Lily somewhat get along. After she saw Peter and Tiger Lily "eskmo" kiss with each other. Wendy got jealois and stormed off. However, their friendship has blossomed a bit

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:iconwdisneyrp-hook:~ He's a smelly old codfish!
:iconWDisneyRp-Constance~ Although, she tried to murder Wendy in the past, reccently the bride had been nice to Wendy lately...She will be nice back...but she doesn't quite trust you..


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~HeadCannons for Wendy~
:bulletblue: When Wendy was born, Her mother named her after an old friends daughter who had died the year before, she would always call him. "Fwendy" ((True story though))

:bulletblue: Blue has always been Wendy's favorite color. Although, she finds all colors radiant.

:bulletblue: Wendy can play the piano and the flute.

:bulletblue: Although having a dog, she is also a cat person

:bulletblue: Her actual birthday is on July 7th




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Twenty Pounds and seventeen shillings. Wendy Darling repeatedly counted the money in her palm, hoping she had the right amount. She had been saving to get Peter something for Christmas this year. However, she had no idea what to get the boy. She wanted to make sure this gift was extra special. Also, she had to hurry, since it was a few days before Christmas. Five to be more precise. Quickly, Wendy went to retreive her coat from the closet and headed out the front door, explaining to her mother where she was to go. Wendy walked down the stairs of her house's front porch. It was rather cold out tonight.

The stars were shining brightly, however, giving the poor child no light, making it hard for her to see. The lights on the posts weren't a good assistance either. Their lights were so dim, no light shined at all. Wendy shivered rubbing her hands up and down her arms, gazing around the winter wonderland. The snow began to fall harder and harder as Wendy continued on her journey to get the perfect gift for Peter. Wendy wished she hadn't forgotten her mitterns, she looked down at her finger tips and saw no paleness. Only a darkish reddish color. The young girl gasped and placed her hands in her coat pockets. The wind resumed to howl and yowl, creating a bone chilling wind.

Wendy shivered violently as she tried fighting back, pushing her way through the wind.

O-O-Oh M-My Thought Wendy. It's rather c-c-c-cold out t-tonight.

Wendy glanced around her. On the streets, not one single person was out with her, nor were any lights on in the houses. Wendy was all alone By herself. In the bitter freezing snow.

She continued to push on. Trying to reach the shop. She had to get their before it closed for the Christmas season. 
  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: The Wind Howling
  • Watching: For Lights


WDisneyRP-Wendy's Profile Picture
Wendy Moria Angela Darling
United Kingdom
Hello everyone! My name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling. But everyone calls me Wendy. It's lovely to meet you all. :aww: I live in London, England with my mother Mary, my father George, my two brothers John & Michael, and our faithful nursemaid Nana. Father thinks Neverland and Peter Pan is "Childish Poppycock". But I know he's real. I know this because he took my brothers and I to Neverland. Oh, It was just as I always dreamed it could be! :love: Tinkerbell, the mermaids ( although they both tried to harm me :grump: ) And......^^; *giggles* Oh dear.....i was rambling on again wasn't I? ^^;

:iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz:
((Some Wendy Darling Headcannons for you guys!))((WENDY HEADCANNONS))
Wendy would go to the park sometimes to tell her stories of Peter Pan and Neverland to the young children.
After their adventure in Neverland, Wendy always kept the window open for Peter, (the only time she closes and locks the window is during the winter, because one day, Michael almost died of pneumonia because Wendy had left the window open and a very cold wind blew into the nursery. She explained this to Peter and he understood, tp her suprise)
Wendy has a locket that's filled with pixie dust around her neck that Peter gave her. Tinkerbell made the locket with her named engraved in baby blue
Wendy's Happy Thought is of Peter Pan.
The Darling family live in the same time era as The Banks family.
Before Peter said goodbye to Wendy,when they finally reach the Darling Household, she finally gave him that "kiss" she wanted to give they young boy in the begining of the film. And Tinkerbell didn't stop her. She understo

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Stamps: The Second Star Stamp by Mel-Rosey Second Star by Agent505 You Are My Happy Thought by AshPnX I Believe in Fairy Tales by StampsbyJen
Neverland Stamp by Mel-Rosey The Second Star to the Right by Vexic929



Wendy Darling Character Development

:bulletblue: Aliases: Wendy Darling, Wendy Moira Angela Darling, Wendy. Wendy Bird, Sqauw

:bulletblue: Age: child (12)

:bulletblue: Alignment: Good

:bulletblue: Voice Actor: Kathryn Beaumont (Who is also the voice of Alice! )

:bulletblue: Personality: Wendy Darling is the Eldest and only daughter to Mary and Geroge Darling. She has two Brothers John and Michael. Well-mannered and very lady-like, Wendy can be one of the most rarest girls you'll find (however, in the Victorian age of 1904, girls like she were common). She is one of those girls whom you would call the "prim and proper young lady." Mature and experienced, she is responsible for her brothers and keeping them entertained as possible. She has a very fun-filled imagination from her many daydreams and the different fairytales she has read.

One would assume that Wendy would make a very fine lady when grown up. But one would be so shocked to hear that she once refused to grow up. This makes Wendy different than many girls living in her time. Most girls wanted to grow up to become more beautiful and more attractive, while Wendy herself wanted to somehow escape it. It is rather odd to hear that a very quaint, proper lady would refuse to grow up, but ultimately, this makes her unique. Because of her refusal to grow up, she is able to connect with Peter more, and they were soon friends. Even though they had argued about her returning home, they both stayed true to themselves.

Whenever on Wendy's nasty side, she can be very bossy and hostile. Her jealousy can get the better of her, turning her cold and very adult-like, mainly towards her brothers, Peter, and the Lost Boys. Whenever coming to villains, she shows no respect for them at all, although she is never intimidated by them.

She has a tendency to babble, perhaps without even breathing. Babbling has always been her way of expressing excitement through constant chatter.

Overall, Wendy enjoys being and living carefree. But now that she's growing older, she determined to still keep the last bit of childhood within herself.

:bulletblue: Abilities: Wendy can sew anything (She probably learned from her mother Mary) She can sing very well and she can tell a very good story.

:bulletblue: Habits: Wendy is a type of girl who doesn't have many habits. Although she has the habit of talking WAY too much, especially when she's excited.

:bulletblue: Flaws: - tendency to be bossy
- easily gets jealous
- somewhat naive
- being one of those 'damsel in distress' figures
- easily heart-broken

:bulletblue: Companion/ Pet: Wendy has a Pet Saint Benard Named Nana who is the sweetest dog she ever has. ^^

Similar Characters:

:iconwdisneyrp-alice:~ Although younger than Wendy, These two british Darlings share many similarities together. Alice and Wendy both share the same live action model and voice actress Kathryn Beaumont. Both kids go to strange worlds and have an adventures. When their adventures go on for a while, they realize it's time to go home and grow up. In the end, they are asleep when found and tell their story to their families.

:iconwdisneyrp-marian: Both are Kind, Sweet and Damsels in Distress at some points,
Mary Poppins~ Both Mary and Wendy are motherly and kind. While Mary sings to Michal and Jane, Wendy sings to the Gang of Lost Boys. BOTH ARE BRITISH

Emily (Little Bear)~ Both Emily and Wendy have strong imagintions, Both are innocent and kind. and Both wear Blue.

Susan and Lucy from Narina~ All three sisters travel to far away places(Narina and Neverland) ALL THREE ARE BRITISH!

:icondorothyplz: (Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz) Dorothy and Wendy have a bit in common: Both Happen to wear blue. They happen to go to a magical place (Dorothy with Oz and Wendy to Neverland) In the End they both want to go home to wear they came from leaving their friends behind (The scarecrow timan and lion for Dorothy and Peter Pan with Wendy) Both have a pet dog (Toto and Nana) and they both awaken from their journeys (In Bed and on the window sil)

Closest Allies:

:bulletblue: Family:~

George Darling (Father)
Mary Darling (Mother)
Nana (Nursemaid/Pet)


Plz accounts: :icondisneywendyupsetplz: :icondisneywendygaspplz: :icondisneywendyannoyplz:
:icondisneywendyhopeplz: :icondisneywendycryingplz: :icondisneywendygazingplz: :iconwendysothereplz: :icondisneywendygiggleplz: :icondisneywendydreamyplz: :iconwendyohmygoshplz: :icondisneywendymadplz: :icondisneywendypoutplz:

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*The fairy flies up to Wendy's window with a rather forlorn look in her eyes. Peter was no where to be found, and she thought for sure he was going to be at the Darking household. It turns out he was not.*

"Where could he be?" She wondered out loud. "Did-did he go on an adventure without me?"

*tears began to form on the fairy's eyes, and she continued to look inside hoping that Peter would appear at any moment*
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